Lutsen Trip

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Lutsen Trip

Postby John » Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:43 am

I spent a few days recently at Lutsen Mountains (, the largest ski area in the Midwest. It was part of a convention held by the North American Snowsports Journalists Association (, of which I am a member. It was the first time the group met in the Midwest, and I got to show a few people from the coasts around the area.

Obviously Lutsen doesn't have the vertical of Colorado or some New England resorts. (It peaks out at about 800 feet.) One person compared it to Bear Valley, California; another compared it to the Poconos in PA.

Since Lutsen is within driving distance for me, I took advantage of some of the non-alpine activities that were arranged for the meeting. One afternoon, for example, I took a 25-mile snowmobile ride with about 20 members of the press and representatives of sled companies. I rode a 2009 Polaris, but could have traded places with other folks to try a Yamaha, Skido or Arctic Cat. It was the first time on my sled in 30 years.

I also spent a morning mushing a dog team. That was a workout that I had not expected. I still have sore arms.

I will be writing more on the subject on the blog:

One day on the mountain we had hardpack snow; another day we had 3 inches of new snow that was just enough to enjoy some float.

The New York Times has a new article on Lutsen. I wish it had a better photo of Lake Superior, though.
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