Welch Village to Open "Back Bowl" December 26

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Welch Village to Open "Back Bowl" December 26

Postby John » Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:16 am

Welch Village is finally going to open its "Back Bowl" this season. I put the words in quote marks because this is the Midwest after all, and we shouldn't get carried away with words that might bring to mind more expansive terrain.

Still, I applaud Leigh Nelson and the team at Welch for following through with the vision to increase the skiable/ridable area at Welch.

According to a press release (found on the site: www.welchvillage.com), the new area will include a four-person high-speed quad lift and 12 new slopes, which the area calls "mostly advanced slopes" that will be "substantially different" from Welch Village as it is known today. The management promises "several sharply pitched advanced runs" and another one "with an interesting fall line."
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