Mad River Mtn, Zanesfield, OH > 12/27/2006

Talk about riding in the Midwest, and arrange meet-ups.

Mad River Mtn, Zanesfield, OH > 12/27/2006

Postby SoonerShredder43 » Wed Dec 20, 2006 10:25 pm

Any gray lift buddies near?

I will be driving in from Virginia for business in the Dayton, OH area - so business during the day and ride that night (maybe start late afternoon).

Or if you know of a better, near hill please advise :)

Merry Christmas....

Midnight Maddness at Mad River

Postby SoonerShredder43 » Thu Dec 28, 2006 8:45 pm

If you are ever in Ohio (off of Hwy 33; 1 hour north of Dayton) - Mad River Mountain is a fun place. I didn't see many "mature" folks other than drivers. During Holidays and weekends you can ride 10:30pm - 3:00am for $30.00. Now some of you may need "no doze" or your favorite energy drink but it's worth it. (I'm sure it's good during normal hours). Ratio of riders to skiers was 30:1 8)

Good lightning; wide runs; multiple lifts; good grooming; deep base - but they had no gatorade :(

I rode fom 10:30 till 2am - so go Zanesvville, OH for a good time
See ya on a hill ;) ....
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