No More Bubbles at Spirit

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No More Bubbles at Spirit

Postby John » Sun Dec 10, 2006 8:39 am

A ride buddy of mine wrote recently to tell me that Spirit Mountain has burst the bubble.

Spirit, which is owned by the City of Duluth, Minnesota, sits not too far from Lake Superior. On a clear day, you can easily see St. Louis Bay, and in the distance, the greatest of the Great Lakes. (See photos).

But the conditions can be tough. Writes my friend, "Spirit removed the "bubbles" from the 'bubble lift.' As you may know, we often have bitter winds blowing down hill. The bubble offered a brief respite from the elements. They were removed because of maintenance concerns.

The first weekend had windchills of about -25 . . . we really needed the bubble."

The bubbles were shelters for one chair lift; think of a traditional arm rest, but put a bubble of plastic over it. The plastic would get scratched up, and I felt a bit clausterphobic sitting on the chair in those conditions. But it beat the alternatives.

Only one of the areas lifts had the bubble, but it was placed in the right location. I'm sad to see it go.

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