A New Forum for Talking About Snowboards

Talk about snowboarding clothing, travel bags, accessories, and other snowboarding gear not talked about in other forums.

A New Forum for Talking About Snowboards

Postby GraysOnTrays » Wed Dec 19, 2007 2:59 pm

I created a new forum specifically for snowboards. If you're looking for advice on which one to buy, would like to tout one that you're using, wonder what kind of wax to use., etc., the new forum is the place.

You'll see the word "Moved" next to a number of topics in the "General" forum. Click on one of those topics and you will be redirected to the new forum. These are temporary aids to remind you of the new forum. At some time relatively soon I will delete these pointers, though the topics will live on in their new location.
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