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Cheap Rentals

Postby John » Fri Nov 02, 2007 7:06 am

Here's a remarkable deal: $100 rentals ... for a season? Most people are going to want to buy their own stuff after a while, but if you're just starting out, it makes sense to rent.

The Canyons (Utah) offers what appears to be the cheapest rental program I've seen. I think it applies to ski school students only:

For one rate — $31 for skis and $35 for snowboards — skiers can rent up-to-date equipment for four weeks. They can pick it up before the first class on Nov. 18 and return it after the final class on Dec. 14. And, if they choose, they can apply the fee to season rentals — $94.99 for adults for skis or snowboards and $89.99 for junior ski or snowboard.

The idea is to make it convenient. Instead of having to pick up equipment for each class, the feeling was it was important that students pick up and use the same equipment from start to finish.

Desert Morning News:,5143,695223081,00.html,
"Latest user-friendly gear available to participants in 2007 ski school," November 1

By the way, I've noticed, almost always, that rental prices for snowboards are higher than that of skis.

Any thoughts on why? My first thought is that there's a greater demand for snowboards--but that isn't necessarily true, as the number of snowboarders is starting to flatten out. Excessive breakage? Could be, given that most new students are youngsters--but then again, snowboards of today are pretty durable.

At the "mountain" where I learned, I had to leave a $300 deposit on the credit card for a rental board that could not cost more than that amount. I never had to do that for rental skis.
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Postby canoer » Mon Nov 05, 2007 10:29 pm

Interesting - rental skis are a bit cheaper at Bogus too now that I check.

But the lease package for a snowboard outfit is a little cheaper at $240 than the ski lease deal at $259. (

Apparently the ski lease deals don't come with poles any more either.
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