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The Season Is Upon Us....

PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:53 pm
by EdenP
....and man am I jazzed.I have so many plans for this season.First of all I am getting a season pass for the first time.Another thing(and you may think it silly) I am going to China Peak to seek my revenge upon a hill that left me discouraged and doubtful about my abilities.Well,now my skills are no longer in question and though I would not call myself fearless,I take more chances and am unafraid of any hill.I've been wanting a piece of that hill and this season I'm gonna get it.This season I will finally get to go snowboarding every week.YAY!Hope to keep you guys posted.Also hope to meet some of you on the hill sometime.The following places are where I will be.......

Definitely there,

NorthStar,Squaw Valley,Mammoth,Heavenly,Sierra@Thaoe,China Peak.

Possibilities,though unlikely

Bear Valley,Sugar Bowl,Kirkwood,Alpine Meadows,Dodge Ridge