Snowboarding attire

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Snowboarding attire

Postby patmoore » Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:06 am

Why do snowboarders wear such gawdawful outfits? We need to emulate skiers by wearing tasteful attractive attire. Only then will we be taken seriously as winter sports participants......

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Believe it or not, neon is coming back.
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Re: Snowboarding attire

Postby canoer » Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:04 pm


I'm remodeling my kitchen next week with Harvest Gold countertops and Avocado Green appliances too. Maybe I can find some boots to match.
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Re: Snowboarding attire

Postby LdySnoBrdrAt45 » Sat Nov 28, 2009 9:53 am


WOW!! You must have got a great deal on those lovely 1970’s countertops and appliances!! Are they new??? Must have been sitting in a back corner of a warehouse for past 30+ yrs.!! ;) Don’t forget to trim the new kitchen out in bright orange like orange juice color!! Remember??

As for the pic the other poster submitted – I don’t know about you folks but there is NOT enough gold in Ft. Knox for me to ever even consider going into public wearing that (the skier) get up!! NO WAY!! Personally, I think the early 80’s called and want their Spandex back!!

When I board, I don’t look like a “dumpster diver” but I don’t wear the same clothes I would if I wear skiing. When boarding I wear baggy cargo pants (usually Burton’s) in either Black or White – depending on which jacket I’m wearing and which board I’m riding. My jackets are: Blue w/black trim (and it fits), Tan w/black trim (fits), Light gray w/charcoal trim (fits). Oh, also I will wear a helmet that matches the jacket as I have two (one black/silver, the other two-tone gray).

When skiing I wear pants but they are NOT cargos or major baggy nor are they skin tight!! The majority of my ski pants are Columbia’s (Free Agent I believe they are) that fit comfortably. I have a build very similar to a young boy (5’4”, 120lb) and size small men’s pants seem to fit me very well!! As for color (of ski pants) – I’m a black, gray, charcoal, white – type of gal. Nothing flashy!!

Neon??? As stated, NOT enough gold in Ft. Knox nor does the bar stock enough Schnapps to get me into neon Spandex!! No Way!! :lol:

Ride on!!

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Re: Snowboarding attire

Postby canoer » Mon Nov 30, 2009 4:12 pm

I did have an orange shag rug in my first house. Back in '74 or so. 8)

Jeeze, you sound color coordinated. I have an outfit - sometimes the jacket or bibs will get swapped out, but I don't really care if they match, as long as I stay dry and warm.

Ok, dry, warm and day-glowing would be a bit much even for my stunted fashion plate....
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Re: Snowboarding attire

Postby bernwern » Wed Dec 02, 2009 7:24 pm

I am totally getting some gaper gear for a dress up day on the slopes this season :) At least they are riding, although looking bad while doing so!

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Re: Snowboarding attire

Postby wyorider » Wed Dec 02, 2009 10:02 pm

The kids nowdays are so spoiled when you consider how warm and functional all the clothing is. I can't tell you how nice fleece feels and gore-tex is the greatest. I wore the 70's stuff with pride and froze my arse off. I was a little better off than wearing levis, a wool coat and bandanna but not very cool. I think the helmets and music make riding so enjoyable too, think if you could have heard an MP3 player with Angry Eyes by Loggins and Messina in 74 ripping it up on the Hobacks at Jackson with powder up to your knees, I was there, but not as warm and not tuned in like now! I'm afraid if we would have had the equipment and the clothing we have now-then I wouldn't have had kids!!
That's another thing, my kids are raised but they sure like to borrow (sometimes permanently) my neat new snowboard gear.

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