New: Publisher's Blog

Announcements from the management of the Grays on Trays<SUP>&reg;</SUP> web site concerning the site, including this discussion forum. Also: offer your suggestions for features, content, etc. here.

New: Publisher's Blog

Postby John » Sun Nov 05, 2006 4:07 pm

There are three elements to the online presence of Grays on Trays.

One: The discussion board you are looking at.

Two: Click on the icon in the upper left to go to the main body of, where you will find information on the history of snowboarding, some tips to get you going, quotes from and stories about adult riders, and many other topics.

Three: the publisher's blog. It differs from the rest of the site in that it's more personal than the static pages of the site, reflecting my own experiences with riding. Comment spam has been a problem with some blogs, so all comments must be approved before being published. This is not an an "I agree with this" approval, but rather a way of keeping out spam.
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