Should You Register? Yes, and here's How.

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Should You Register? Yes, and here's How.

Postby John » Mon Oct 02, 2006 8:35 am

These discussion boards, along with the content at, is open for the public to view.

But if you would like to ask a question on the boards, or respond to something already written, you must be registered. We understand that this is a hassle, but we hope that you register anyway.

Why do we use registration? Simply put, we share the widespread dislike of spam, and registration is a powerful way of making sure that spam stays out. If you have any questions about the use of these boards, please consult the Grays on Trays privacy policy and terms of service.

So how do you register? start with the text at the top of this screen. See the word "register?" Start here. From there you'll be taken to a screen where you are prompted to enter an e-mail address at which we will send you a registration code. (Why? Again, to avert spammers.)

Take that registration code and then fill out the rest of the registration form. It's a standard form used by the software that runs the bulletin board, a pretty standard piece of software.

In the registration process, we don’t ask for a lot—just a user name and a valid e-mail address. User names must comply with the terms of service. (In other words, nothing vulgar, libelous, etc.) You could use your full name, but we recommend against it.

We take a zero tolerance stance against spammers. We hope that this will make the hassles of registration bearable.
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