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Dealing with aches and pains--and better yet, avoiding them--and fitness related to snowboarding. This is also the place to talk about helmets, safety pads, and goggles.

Postby bernwern » Wed Jan 02, 2008 10:19 am

Rod Smith wrote:I agree that the boots are the most important gear. Get some that fit. As mentioned, not too soft, not too stiff. Bigger rider would go a little stiffer generally, but it's personal preference. My belief is you need to be a skilled rider to use very soft boots, some support is helpful for learning.

Bindings. I understand strap bindings are greatly improved since I last used them (over ten years ago), but you might consider Flow bindings. I bought a pair but haven't tried them yet. I'm still using step-ins on my freeride board, plates and hard boots on my race board.

I'm sure there are over a dozen boards that will suit you fine. Lib-Tech's Magna-Traction is interesting, I'd want to demo that if I was in the market for a new snowboard. The width of your board is very important. You need to get one that is wide enough that your boots only hang over a little bit at your desired stance angles. If it's too narrow you will boot out, too wide and you will have less control.

Get boots first, then a board that fits the boots. Medium flex, chin high plus or minus an inch or two, depending on personal preference, intended use, etc.

All great advice EXCEPT the part I bolded....NEVER buy a board based upon height. Boards are designed to support weight ranges, so find one that fits what you need. Most companies list weight ranges for each board model, and they increase by length. Check their sites for more information.

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Postby Snowride » Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:28 am

Going back to board recommendations, has anyone checked out ILLUMINATI boards? They are GREAT!!! Flexible, stable, light, fun as h*ll to ride!!!
I also really like PALMER. Note: I am extremely light weight and small, so if you are not, you may not like these boards. (Actually, Illuminati makes boards for "bigger" people too.)
I'm a snowboarding grandma approaching 60. Got a place at Bear Valley California and would love to hang with others like me.
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