Snowboard Judges Manual

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Snowboard Judges Manual

Postby John » Mon Mar 13, 2006 9:21 pm

For whatever it's worth ... If you are looking for an idea of what criteria are used by judges in international competitions, check out this PDF file: ... 200304.pdf

It's the FIS judges manual. This 41-page document is from 2003-04, and I don't know if there have been any changes since then.

It covers rules for judging halfpipe, constructing a halfpipe, and "big air" competitions.

Page 16 offers one possible answer to the old question "What's the difference between riding switch and riding fakie?"

I still don't get it. Maybe another time it will make sense.

I'm pretty sure someday someone is going to see this and point out that the document is out of date.
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