Snowboarding Now "the Highlight" of Olympics

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Snowboarding Now "the Highlight" of Olympics

Postby John » Thu Mar 09, 2006 9:32 am

Rolling Stone has a profile of Shaun White. ... er=unknown

Among the most interesting parts are the observations on the Olympics. Nothing ground-breaking, but still, something that stands out:

In his nineteen years of life on this planet, he's seen snowboarding evolve from outlaw sport to extreme-athletics juggernaut. Not long ago, it seemed like an awkward, pandering idea for the Olympics to have snowboarders at all. Now snowboard events are a highlight of the schedule.

Then there's White's take on the difference between recreational riding and competitive riding:

He concedes that "1080s are cool, but they're not that fun to do. They're hard and pretty technical. What's most fun for me is really big jumps and long, slow spins." That's not how one wins professional events, but it's what the sport is really about for White. He says, "I can have fun if there's a little snow bump, and me and my friends, we're just trying back flips and landing on our heads, you know what I mean? Honestly, I think that the way to become the best is just to have fun."

Again, nothing I've not heard before. But in this case, it isn't true. The way to "become fun" in judged events, it would seem, is to practice those "not that fun to do" multiple revolutions.
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