Olymics and Snowboarding Need Each Other

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Olymics and Snowboarding Need Each Other

Postby John » Thu Feb 16, 2006 8:23 pm

Snowboarding is Winter Games’ ‘wow factor’
But sport’s purists worry that scientific scoring hampers creativity

By Mike Celizic


“The whole thing about the Olympics is people barely care what sport you did,” says Jonny Moseley, who won a gold in 1998 in a related discipline – freestyle moguls skiing. “The Olympics are so big. The X games are just a blip in comparison.”

That’s why snowboarding is in the Games — the Olympics needed them. There’s nothing more dangerous in this world than appearing to be old and stodgy, and the International Olympic Committee knows it. And the Winter Games especially needed more sports and new blood to drive the ratings — and the income. What better way to do that than to embrace the sport that kids around the world were flocking to in droves?

And, it turned out, snowboarding needed the Olympics because nothing is more validating to a sport than being in the Games, and no prize in sports is more revered than an Olympic gold medal.

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