Snowboard Cross: Lindsey Jacobellis profile

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Snowboard Cross: Lindsey Jacobellis profile

Postby GraysOnTrays » Fri Feb 10, 2006 1:58 pm

Fearless and Favored
LA Times
February 10, 2006

Lindsey Jacobellis versus the world.

That's what it has come down to for the blond bombshell from Stratton Vt., the term in this case describing her win-at-all-costs style in a snowboard slalom during which riders careen shoulder to shoulder in a jump-filled dash to the finish.

Jacobellis, 20, is the lone entry on the U.S. women's team, so the nation's hope for a gold medal in this new Olympic event rests solely on her shoulders.

Her success has been such — she's the reigning world champion, the 2005 overall Grand Prix champion and three-time X Games champion — that anything but gold will be a disappointment.

Jacobellis spent her early childhood as a skier and had only dabbled in snowboarding until 1998, when the family vacation home burned, destroying the skis. Older brother Ben, who had taken up snowboarding, persuaded the parents to replace the skis with snowboards and Lindsey had no choice but to comply.

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