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Loveland is making snow!

Postby SteveH » Wed Sep 24, 2008 6:06 pm

It got cold enough last night for Loveland to put their New Zealand snowmaking crew to work. It will be a while before they have the requisite 18 inches tree to tree, but the first flakes mean it's getting close!

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Postby John » Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:27 pm

Nothing like the laying down of the first snow!
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Bogus countdown

Postby canoer » Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:46 pm

@ Runswithdog, first frost could happen tonight.

First snow at Bogus could be as early as Thanksgiving but more likely it'll be mid-December or even later before the riding cranks up. We always hope they'll be open for the Christmas break - the riding can get more crowded than I like, but it can make or break their year.

The new resort up the road, Tamarack, is in bankruptcy (or parts of it are) and it's questionable whether they will open or whether they'll be open all season. This is the real estate development with a golf course and ski resort attached that went boom (Pres. Bush visited one summer) and then went bust this summer (a few months before everything went bust).

There may be a couple of slightly used quads for sale in the near future.
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Postby John » Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:11 pm

Yeah, Tamarack went belly-up a while ago. It's supposed to be the site of the 2010 annual meeting of the ski / snowboard journalists association I belong to. I wonder what's going to happen to it. Maybe something will shake out before then and it will still be around. Or it could lie fallow for a while.

As for the season coming, I'm looking forward to the ski/snowboard expo coming to town in November. It's supposed to be a big show. I haven't done much training, though.
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Postby runswithdog » Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:06 pm

I've been following the snow making crew at Loveland via the Rocky Mt. News. This weekend there will be light snow in Denver , so that means loads of snow in the high country. Yahoo!

curious-- Is Tamarack close enough, accesible enough for you to drive there and hike up a few runs, then ride down,
or do they have it all gated off, totally restricted?
Seems a real waster for a brand new area not to get any use at all....

PS is your neighbor sticking with riding? Seems like you had him going quite a bit last winter.
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Postby patmoore » Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:32 pm

Weird.... I just went to their website and it appears that it's business as usual. They're even promoting a job fair on 10/18. CreditSuisse is looking to protect their interests according toanother story.
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Postby canoer » Fri Oct 10, 2008 12:50 am

Tamarack will most likely be open this winter for 90 days at least. The owners of the real estate companies, who are the ones in bankruptcy (the two main individuals haven't filed banko yet), are telling the judge that they have taken appropriate steps to winterize the unfinished parts of the project (lots of buildings) and have money to open (and they kept BofA from foreclosing on the lifts last summer).

The major creditor, Credit Suisse, as Pat notes in his link, has moved to dismiss the banko cases since there's no other funding in the pipeline to finish the resort and the efforts to winterize the buildings are not enough.

The judge is supposed to hear the dismissal motion in another week or so.

My guess is that the judge will indeed either dismiss or convert the cases to liquidations under Ch. 7 in the next couple of months. Either way, it looks like Credit Suisse will get control and there's a good chance they'll try to keep everything going so that the unfinished homes, condos and lodge get finished, the liens get paid, and some more home sales will happen. If they just walk away, the bank is going to have to eat ~$260 million in loans. But the way global banking is going, I suppose that's possible.

Yeah, the area there used to be open for snowmachining and hiking up and riding or skiing down. There's some homes in the base area now, but the ski trails are mostly on leased state lands and I doubt that the sheriff would chase people off if everything shut down.

My neighbor was up at my house this morning showing off his new goggles. He got an "I'm Awesome" board last month and NXT Flows and was loving that until I pointed out the question mark after "Awesome" lol. So yeah, he's psyched. He's lined up a condo for us to stay in if we actually go to Tamarack and he wants to go to Anthony Lakes in December too. I'm like, dude, you know riding powder is a bit different from the groomers and the little shots we mostly did last winter.

My saving grace is that another young turk friend of his moved into our neighborhood this summer so hopefully he'll be able to keep up with him as I beg off to do my usual two hour hard day at Bogus. :D
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