2007-08 Season Wrap-up

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2007-08 Season Wrap-up

Postby John » Fri Mar 14, 2008 11:55 am

Here in the Midwest, our season is coming to an end. Plans for pond-skimming contests and the like are already in place.

I know that there's still time to slide in other parts of the country, but even there, the end is in sight. So maybe it's time to ask "Where did you ride this season?" Did you go to anywhere new? Seek out new terrain in a familiar resort?

My own trips this year included Minnesota ski areas (Afton Alps, Buck Hill, Mount Kato and Wild Mountain--all day areas; plus Lutsen, a destination resort along Lake Superior).

I also spent a couple afternoons in a city park, watching some young relatives enjoy sledding, and on the other side of the fence, giving older relatives an informal lesson on snowboarding.

The best part of the season was of course a trip out west. At Snowmass and Buttermilk (Aspen area) I got to ride in the glades, take in some soft bumps, enjoy long cruisers and even get some in some powder riding.

As they say on TV, "But wait. There's more!"

Before the season is out, I'll be heading east, visiting New Hampshire's Bretton Woods, Cannon, and Loon. It will be my first trip out east. Conditions will not be idea, I suspect, but I'm counting on some good meets-and-greets at a convention.

So far in my snowboarding/skiing career I've visited 18 different mountains/hills, but I've got a long way to catch up with a friend who has visited over 300.
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Postby SteveH » Fri Mar 14, 2008 5:43 pm

Alas, the season will end one day. But this is NOT the day! Eighteen new inches in Breckenridge with snow in the forecast every day through Monday! The big resorts will be open through late April and ABasin typically runs until June.

I spent most of my days at Breck this season, with a January trip to Vail and daytripping to ABasin. The great new experience was Montezuma Bowl opening at ABasin, the largest expansion in North America this year.

Breckenridge is a nice mountain, and a great town. If you get the urge to watch for a while, you can see folks you recognize from the XGames riding in the big terrain park.

ABasin remains a great favorite, both because of the laid back character of the place and the riders there and because the layout has lots of places that allow you to take on a challenging slope for a short distance without being committed to a mile of nasty with no escape.

I don't travel much to ride, as there are about 20,000 rideable acres within 2 hours of my front door and I'm still finding interesting new corners of the mountains I regularly visit.
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Postby welshscarry » Sun Mar 16, 2008 5:28 pm

Still have days to ride out here. Most of the large Colo. resorts will be open till mid April. It may get a little slushy at the bottom, but we just had snow again yesterday (10in. or more) in the central mts. where most of the resorts reside.

This year I was all Colorado. Big ones: Breckenridge, Telluride, Crested Butte.
Small ones; Monarch, Powderhorn, Arapahoe Basin.

Next year I am going to expand into Durango Mt. (formerly Purgatory) and the 2 northern New Mexico resorts, and maybe a trip over to Calif.

Worth noting: Taos is changing its policies and opening to snowboarders in mid March.
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Postby bernwern » Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:19 pm

Well, the end is in sight for me.....my home resort of Afton Alps (near St Paul, MN) is planning to close around April 1st. :(

As I type this we are getting some freshies, likely 3-6". I will be riding again tonight, and taking all day off work tomorrow to shred. Today will make day 70 at Afton, and day 75 total for the season.

I went once to a tiny resort called Bruce Mound near Neilsville, WI; just a bunch of t-bars, some old rope-tows, and a few nut-cracker tows. But they had 6" when we got there and it dumped another 6" while we were riding :) Great second time out for my brother to learn, although trying in deeper snow was a challenge (just softer to turn in and crash upon).

The other 4 days were the annual Bozeman, MT trip. 2 days at Bridger Bowl, one at Big Sky, and one at Moonlight Basin. Bridger was OK this year....wind made it not as great in comparison to the other two, whereas Bridger was usually top-dog the last few trips.

Moonlight Basin was sweet...my new favorite resort. They had 3" fresh when we got there. Hardly anyone was there (compared to the other resorts). Tree runs were epic...nothing short of amazing. Deep snow everywhere, and soft! The kicker for the trip was finally riding from the peak at Big Sky....intimidating but rewarding. Riding those first few thousand feet through the clouds was surreal. Finishing the Liberty Bowl in the sun, then dropping into the Rockville Bowl was an incredible ending to an hour long run through great snow....there was 4-6" of pow and anything untouched was gnarley as h*ll to ride on. The moguls were soft and huge and I sliced them like a ray of light through a dark spring storm cloud. Easily one of the best times I have ever had riding.

Anyways....I can see my season ending soon. I should hit 80 days on the slopes for the season, making it my new high-mark. I am saddened at this, but also that I need to retire my Ride Yukon....it treated me great, but the time has come for it to become an early/late season board like others before it. I also need to finally go to the Dr and get my shoulder checked out (my clavicle is like 1" higher on my left shoulder). I guess disc golf will have to fill the void until I get the itch super bad....usually around August :)

Hope everybody else had a great season! I will be on here at least once a week until next season :)

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Postby canoer » Tue Mar 18, 2008 1:41 pm

First runs were at Snowbird.

I'm aiming for 30 days at Bogus Basin here in Boise. It's been a great snow year this winter and the base is still over 5 feet. Two inches of new this morning and snow is predicted for the rest of the week to add to the 10 total new since last Thursday.

Bogus's lease with the Forest Service requires them to close by April 15, but the weather is usually so good in town by late March most people lose their motivation to go up and slide. You pretty much have the runs to yourself weekdays right now, at least until our Spring Break hits next week.

We have 5 other Idaho resorts within an easy drive of here, but the 2,600 acres/1800 vertical at Bogus is so entertaining for what I enjoy riding, it's hard to justify leaving my backyard.

You hardcore guys would enjoy the variety available from here - Targhee and the UT resorts are about 5 hours away and Anthony Lakes stores powder M-W for the hounds to enjoy when they open for the weekends on half-price Thursdays. Sun Valley, Tamarack and Brundage are just a couple hours drive away.
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Postby welshscarry » Tue Mar 18, 2008 6:54 pm

I am amazed at getting 80 days, Bernwern.

I hope to make my 25 days. Got a few more days planned at Telluride and Vail or Breckenridge.
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