Ski Clubs: Anyone Belong?

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Ski Clubs: Anyone Belong?

Postby John » Wed Nov 21, 2007 2:03 pm

Anyone belong to a ski club? What's your experience? Through a series of events, I joined a ski club around here. In Minnesota and western Wisconsin there are about 24 such clubs. Their general purpose seems to be

a. Provide a critical mass of people to snare group rates on lift tickets

b. Organize sporting / outdoors activities (golf, cycling, canoe trips, etc.) in the non-winter months

c. Provide an excuse to socialize during monthly meetings throughout the year, especially for people who have known each other for years.

It seems from my limited experience that there's not a lot of new blood entering "ski" clubs--that like the snowsports industry as a whole, it's aging in place.

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Postby SoonerShredder43 » Sat Nov 24, 2007 11:46 am

At the Ski Clubs of Washington DC (SCWDC) you get all the stuff you already mentioned and you do get a nice informative newsletters :D

I have not joined yet but I've been pondering joining them since last season.

I believe I will be joining in Jan 2008. The biggest motivation is the discounts you get with being in a club plus it is fun to ride with folks you know...

And they have these local Performance Enhancement trips were the club has it's own certified instructors and you have access to them at significantly lower rate than just taking a lesson from the resort.
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Postby trickten » Tue Jan 22, 2008 2:12 pm

I've been pondering the same thing. I also have yet to join. I did register on their online forum tho. If they hold true to their description, I'm in.
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Postby snowd0gg » Mon Mar 31, 2008 8:35 am

I joined a ski club here in Atlanta last year. The club is one of the oldest in the country (go figure, being in Atlanta). The people in the club are friendly and last year it seems they pushed to have more events throughout the year and not wait for the ski season cycle each year.

One of the things that I enjoyed with the club is seeing Warren Miller movies (or equivalent) at their pre-season screenings, usually held in a small-to-medium sized venue (with bar of course). They hold contests and give away prizes, which is fun. The club also holds a swap sale each year.

I will say they have made an effort to make the organization fun. They are lacking a bit in the organizational side since everything is done by volunteers. I made an attempt to help out, but was basically ignored so I gave up after a bit. I've also noticed they are struggling with membership. They have far fewer members now than they've had in past years. I don't know if that's just reflective of today's culture or if it's due to the internet and now people can find their own discount fares and packages.

This particular club is probably around 90% skiers and 10% riders, but I don't' have hard statistics to back that up. It's just what I see at the meetings. More than likely I will not renew my membership when the time comes. The movies are fun to watch with other snow fans, but I don't take advantage of their discount fares (again, because I can get exactly what I want online) and I don't want to room with people I don't know that well.
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