The Top 5 Moments in Snowboard History

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The Top 5 Moments in Snowboard History

Postby jessicaeternal » Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:53 am

Hey Everyone!

We just posted our "Top 5 Moments in Snowboard History" on our blog at . There were so many great moments to choose from, so please leave comments and let us know if we hit the mark!

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Re: The Top 5 Moments in Snowboard History

Postby John2 » Wed Nov 17, 2010 3:27 pm

You've got 5 interesting items there, and they're for the most part right on.

I would comment:

1. The development of bindings ... any bindings ... was significant in making a snowboard controllable enough for a critical mass of riders to develop.

2. The end of the ban on snowboards was in fact significant, though the list gives a pretty wide window during which that happened. Is there a particular year in that period that was most significant? Perhaps a resort that helped break down the barriers due to its leadership in the industry? By the way, I don't see the fact that 3 resorts ban snowboards as any big deal. One, they're 0.05 percent (or something) of all resorts. Two, what about diversity? The world is big enough to allow a few oddballs.

3. The development of the pipe dragon certainly helped propel freestyle riding, which is the public face of snowboarding today. But freeriding has a long history, too; I wonder how much the sport would have developed without freestyle.

4. I might pick the 2002 Olympics rather than the 1998. True, snowboarding went to the Olympics for the first time in 1998, but 2002--held in Utah--helped "sanitize" snowboarding for the American public. I suppose I might want to look at participation stats, though, and see if there was really a breakout year. Maybe that was 1998 or 1999; I don't know.
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